Club Structure


Roger Castle, Sr. President
Roger Castle, Jnr. Vice President
Kaleigh Burn Secretary
Tony Smith Board Member
Cecillia Castle Administration/Accounting


Roger Castle, Jnr. Director of Coaching and EA program
Roger Castle, Sr. Director of Operations
Nelson Menedez Director of Girls
Ozzy Herandez Boys Director Boys Academy


Cecilia Castle Administration/Accounting
Kaleigh Burn Club Administration
Christina Johnson Registrar
Joanna Bowden Fundraising
Andrew Hill EA Program Administrator / Webmaster


Mission Viejo Football Club, is registered with US Club Soccer, and Elite Academy League. The club is structured in two parts, a soccer club focused on player development, and a registered LLC with 501c3 status. The BOD oversees the business operations to monitor compliance to State guidelines, and the Operating Committee oversees all soccer issues.

The Director of Operations oversees all issues soccer and business and reports to the BOD on an as need basis. He presents the annual budget at the beginning of the financial year to the BOD and ratifies the soccer plan from the Competitions Committee. He also handles permits, field issues and all soccer related items off the field. He represents the club at the Chamber of Commerce, League meetings, and responds to any City and SVUSD issues.

The Director of Coaching handles all coaching issues working closely with the Director of Operations and chairs the Operating Committee. He is also coaching or hands on with our graduating teams.  Movement of players between teams may still be implemented but any player movement will be to the benefit of the player, not a coach trying to win games. He is represents the club on the coaching staff of the Socal PDP (Player Development Program).

MVFC operates year round from January to December. We have four distinct seasons

January – March (sign ups, open training and tryouts)

March – May Start up training and gaming.

May – August Tournaments

September – December Fall League play.

These “seasons” may differ from age and playing circuit.

Each team has a team coach, supported by a team administrator, our own Registrar, and a highly qualified/experienced Director of Coaching, and Director of Development.

Mission Viejo Football Club

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