Mission Viejo Football Club is proud to be partnered with Admiral for our custom uniforms that set us apart from the competition


Our uniform package is $375 and contains the following items:
  • 2 custom game shirts with number (home and away)
  • 2 custom game shorts with number (home and away)
  • 2 socks
  • 2 sock sleeves
  • 1 custom jacket
  • 1 Backpack with number
  • 2 training shirts with number
  • 2 training shorts
  • 2 training socks
2018 - AdmiralOfficialSupplier

Uniform orders take 6 weeks to arrive from order, while our training gear takes 3 weeks to arrive.  At the start of the season the club will have uniform deadlines where shipping will be free for uniforms ordered by that deadline.

Uniforms - Girls


How long are uniforms used for?
Uniforms are designed to run for 2 years of use and designs will not change in that time.

Can I get custom numbers for my child?
Yes uniforms are able to be ordered with any number between 0 and 99 however numbers allocations must be confirmed with the coach and or team manager prior to ordering.  Note the club has reserved numbers 81-86 for communal jersey numbers that are held by the club so they can be used by players waiting for their uniforms.  Numbers 81-86 can not be issued to any player for regular season play.

Mission Viejo Football Club

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