August 1st - 11th, 2024 - Worsley Park, Manchester, England


2024 Tour Details

August 1st - 11th, 2024 - Worsley Park, Manchester, England



Testimonials and Previous Trips

The trip to england was an amazing experience not only was  i able to progress my soccer skills i got to experience playing in a whole different country with players with different playing style. During this trip i became closer to soccer and my teammates on and off the field.
Blayke Bowden 
The Manchester, England trip was an experience I will never forget. I learned and developed so much while I was there. I got to experience what it was like to play against very well trained girls. I was able to bond with my team and make so many memories. Overall, the Manchester, England trip was an amazing experience.
Chloe Breen
Visiting England and getting to play soccer there was an awesome experience! I enjoyed getting to learn about the other team and their culture. Another great thing we did was visit many different soccer (football) stadiums and learn about their history and successful team. Overall, going to England with my team was a lot of fun and fascinating getting to learn more about soccer.
Ashley Sullivan 
The England trip is an experience of a lifetime that allowed my teammates and I to grow a closer connection to soccer, play better, and more technical as a team. As the English roots of our club  show around the way soccer should be played it expands the knowledge of each and every soccer player. We not only learn about how we can improve in soccer but we learn how professional clubs prepare mentally and physically for their games, tour stadiums, and see the culture of England which is why different from America. If you are ready to take on a life changing experience there is no doubt this one is for you!
Mally Mathews 
The England trip was an amazing, once in a life time experience that allowed our team to grow- as individual players and as one unit.  We went to lots of stadium tours which gave us more knowledge by learning the history of soccer. We bonded as a team, we had scheduled events, and we got to do a training with an amazing academy coach.
Charlie Cossitt
I highly recommend the Manchester England soccer trip because it gives us, the players, a view of different cultural aspects of soccer that we don’t usually see here in America. On the trip we got to travel all around Manchester and compete with teams with high skill, like getting to play against the Man City girls youth team. Overall, our soccer IQ and understanding of the game developed and when the team got back from the amazing tour, our play in general seemed to have improved a lot!! I definitely recommend traveling to this amazing place and learning how to become an even better player.
Lucia Borunda

MVFC planned and executed a fantastic 2023 Manchester UK trip- MVUK!  Hands down an experience of a lifetime.  From hotel accommodations, transportation and stadium tours it was top notch.  But more importantly,  the players who were lucky enough to go and play futbol against some amazing UK teams (including Man City) gained  skills from European coaches, more confidence in their own abilities, team bonding, friendships and a true appreciate for their sport.  Seeing our daughter play in that environment with a huge smile in her face was priceless.

Cossitt Family 

It is an amazing 10 days immersed in the English soccer culture! From playing Bolton and Man City Girls Academies to sitting in the social clubs watching the Women’s World Cup to attending a Sulford City match at the Peninsula to touring Premier League Stadiums…it was a once in a lifetime experience. This experience was not just a trip to England, but an appreciation for the game of soccer in all its glory. Reagan came back with an understanding that soccer is not just a sport, but a way of life.  The Castles put together a phenomenal itinerary to insure players, parents, and all family members had a fabulous time. We want to go back. 

Kemmerer family 

would highly recommend this trip for a youth to play and study soccer in a premier location, Manchester, England.  This trip provides an experience that cannot be replicated by any parent.  This is not a vacation.  This is a “work” trip to experience soccer internationally throughout the scheduled 10 days resulting in an experience of a lifetime.  The trip is very well organized based upon tried and true past experiences including but not limited to player safety, logistics, accommodations, etc. to provide the best experience possible.

Foos family

Mission Viejo Football Club

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